Leopard Print 3 Ways

Leopard Print 3 Ways

While it’s no secret that animal print is HUGE this season, it can be quite a tricky trend to get ‘right’. Leopard print is predominantly warm toned, so if you have a cooler complexion this can make it less wearable. I think the trick with leopard print is all about what you pair it with. So how do you wear leopard without having it wear you? I am going to bring you three great ways to wear it that are great for this trans seasonal period.

  1. Tone it Down

    Toning it down with a more subtle colour palette or neutrals is a perfect way to wear this trend well. I love the way the white blazer really brings a sense of class and elegance to this leopard print look. As I mentioned earlier, if you are cooler toned and have trouble wearing the warm tones of a leopard print, pairing it with a cooler colour or white is a great option. Just make sure that your complimentary colours are closest to your face for the most flattering look.


source: instagram @danielle.hastings

  1. Vero Moda aware oversized blazer $100 2. Forever New Celeste High Waist Maxi Skirt $99.99 3. The Crew T-shirt $10.00 4. Kmart Low Top Sneakers $15.00

  1. 5. Poppy Bucket Crossbody Bag $49.00

    2. Keep it Classic

I feel there is no better and easier way to wear leopard print than with a longline black blazer. The longline blazer gives off a relaxed vibe and screams put together yet requires minimal effort. The mules can be easily interchanged with a sneaker or heel depending on the occasion. A look to take you from day to night.


Source: instagram @laugh_of_artist

  1. Feather & Noise Marlow Dress $75.00 2. M&S Collection Double Breasted Gold Button Jacket $94.00 3. Oli Stud Mule $20.004. Target Bermuda Woven Beach Tote $10.00

3. Tone it down and go casual

This outfit screams casual cool. This is a great outfit for those mum days where you still want to be on trend yet also want to feel ultra comfortable. The cropped knit is perfect for adding a little shape around the waist and the black converse high tops are youthful and edgy.


Source: Pinterest

  1. Feather & Noise Marlow Dress $75.00 2. Zara Cropped Sweater $ 69.95 3. Converse Madison High Top Sneakers $ 59.99 4. Natural Gia Basket $59.99

  1. How do you like wearing leopard print? Which look do you love best?

    Let me know in the comments.

    Have a great week!


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